Join the Quest for Love and Discovery

Join the Quest for Love and Discovery

Begin an unforgettable journey of adventure, travel, and romance. Hi, I'm Nina, your guide through the realms of excitement and intrigue. As an adventure romance author, my mission is to immerse you in tales filled with wanderlust, self-discovery, mystery, and love, all woven together through the captivating experiences of diverse characters.


"Not only does Nina write with such great detail to make you feel that you are visiting these beautiful cities and landmarks, but she also writes in a way that allows you to connect with each character personally. You feel like you have known them forever! You can see yourself being a part of this group of diverse people and feeling right at home." Scott Ostwald

Cast of characters in Annie's Journey series
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Adventure Romance Trilogy

My collection includes a trilogy of gripping stories: Beyond the Sea, Crossing Paths, and Finding Sarah. This series is a blend of romance, adventure, and cultural exploration, earning acclaim as an award-winning series.

A book award for the literary titan book award.

Beyond the Sea: Annie's Journey into the Extraordinary

Step into the extraordinary with Annie Harrison as she ventures Beyond the Sea: Annie's Journey Into The Extraordinary, the first installment in a series that will whisk you away on an unforgettable odyssey. Follow Annie's path through intrigue and fascination.

A reader views award for crossing paths

Crossing Paths: The Road to Destiny

Continue the adventure with Crossing Paths: Road to Destiny, the eagerly awaited sequel that will keep you turning pages long into the night. Destiny awaits on the island of Mallorca. Buy this sequel now and follow Annie on her journey.

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Finding Sarah: A Phoenix to Behold

Discover the latest addition to the series with Finding Sarah: A Phoenix to Behold, a captivating tale delving into the story of Annie's friend, Sarah Wilkinson, whom she met amidst the vibrant landscapes of East Africa living in a tent painting zebras. 

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