Finding Sarah: A Phoenix to Behold

Finding Sarah: A Phoenix to Behold

Set in the rich context of the Annie’s Journey series, the story reveals Sarah's life, from living in a tent in the Serengeti, painting wild animals, to confronting her painful past and navigating the competitive art world. Sarah's character is both relatable and resilient, and her journey becomes a symbol of overcoming adversity and embracing one's true potential.

A woman standing in front of an african landscape.
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A boat with two seagulls flying above it.

Follow Sarah as she discovers what she has to live for and offer to the world

This unforgettable and powerful YA novel is well-written. In it, a young artist experiences tragedy, sexual awakening, friendship, love, and heartbreak, and also learns to forgive and offer second chances. It is the kind of book that breaks your heart and then mends it, and you will finish it with a smile and a long, satisfied sigh.

Purtee adroitly explores themes of love, loss, resilience, and courage

You feel that you are right there in the same exciting locations with Sarah. It's nice to see conservation as one of Sarah's passions. This is a character with a cause, with a conscience.