Three books are shown on a tablet.

YOU Are Hearing It First!!!

I have been hard at work taking the three books from the publisher (Finding Sarah never went public yet) and creating new covers and refreshing the stories to publish under my own imprint, Porto Banus Publishing! We are within DAYS of the books going live and I wanted you to know first! I might still tweak Sarah’s cover and am waiting on a new design proposal to see. I want you to have the first chance to read the new books. Stay tuned and I will have a special FREE ebook available for 1 day and will give you notice or when that will be. OR, if you want a signed copy, I will mail you a book at 20%0ff! All for supporting me and giving me the courage to do this AND keep writing! I am well into writing El Amir’s story, Moroccan Sunset: Dawn of a New Beginning, which will be the 4th in the series! Are you with me? Spread the word and let’s DO THIS!!!