blonde woman in black dress with green fern leaves holding a rose from front and back in a vineyard

A Tale Spun From A Fashion Catalog From the 1990’s: Porto Banus

The popular 90’s fashion catalog, Porto Banus, had a story line running through its pages about a young woman named Annie traveling the globe looking for adventure and fashions along the way. Many of the fashions from that catalog were the inspiration for clothing referred to in the Annie’s Journey series. This black dress with the green leaves is mentioned in Crossing Paths: A Road to Destiny.

In Chapter 23, when Annie’s family needed to buy special clothing for an event at the prestigious Mallorca Yacht Club, I wrote, “Annie’s choice was a simple long black sheath that hung from spaghetti straps. However, that was where the simplicity stopped. Bold green fern leaves were hand-painted in a diagonal pattern, wrapping their way around the black silk…Annie swirled once more, looking in the mirror, and with a grin thought to herself this might stir her matador a little.” – CROSSING PATHS

On the other hand, in Beyond the Sea: Annie’s Journey into the Extraordinary, in Chapter 47, Ramone left a note for Annie with one of his signature long stem red roses. “Meet me in the vineyard at dusk, querida. Ramone”BEYOND THE SEA

The Porto Banus catalog has provided a wealth of inspiration for my writing. Now, in celebration of that experience, my publishing company is named Porto Banus Publishing!