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Finding Sarah by Nina Purtee Featured in April Issue of First Chapter Plus Magazine!

Writing a complex work of literature is not an easy task. There are subtleties placed throughout that resonate the meaning behind the words. As a writer, you develop a writing style, a voice so to speak. There will be readers who don’t identify with the style. That is to be expected. But those who truly dig into my books will find a wealth of characters from a variety of cultures with their own heritage and traditions interacting with each other with acceptance and appreciation.

The publishers of First Chapter Plus magazine have been advocates of my work since they reviewed my first book, Beyond the Sea. The questions asked in this interview that featured Finding Sarah on the cover of their April edition are poignant and insightful. It gave me the opportunity to share some of the meaning behind the words for this story that is a testament to emerging from tragedy through self-discovery and hard work to empowerment. Here is the link to the article:

I hope you will be intrigued by the story of Sarah Wilkinson in Finding Sarah: A Phoenix to Behold and read her story today!