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How do you cope with the constant worry and fear of your partner’s safety?

Throughout the ages, danger has loomed in many areas of life, whether in war, survival, profession or sport. In many cases, there has been someone they love who lives with anxiety and restless nights worrying about their safe return. Beyond the Sea: Annie’s Journey into the Extraordinary, and its sequel, Crossing Paths: Road to Destiny, address this issue in a fictional manner. Ramone is a dashing and talented Spanish matador who thrives from the roar of the crowd when he steps into the bullring, and walking back out a victor in the man-versus-beast match.

Annie was dazzled by Ramone’s prowess and fame. That all changed when they began a relationship and she saw the horifying scars on his body as a result of run-ins with a bull. She can’t understand why he keeps going back into the ring. This is just one of the back stories in this series that addresses tradition, fear, and sacrifice. In order to accept Ramone, Annie has to be ready to navigate the challenges of his risky profession with unwavering love and commitment. Beneath the worry, she has to find the strength and courage to confront her fears head-on in order to fully support the man she holds most dear. Can she do it? Can Ramone accept it? Curious? Start reading today.